happy birthday, Himself!

attitude, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Yes, today’s his birfday!!


Except we really can’t celebrate TODAY, what with work, and classes, and marathon meetings, and an Atlantic Wind Symphony concert tonight (that, due to torrential rain, will be at Machlan Auditorium instead of outside, in case you were thinking of coming.)

I did get him a lovely card that says: “Attitude is everything”, a HALF of a cherry pie (stoopid Donelan’s had no WHOLE cherry pies), and his kids got him a bag of Swedish fish that the dog ate last night.

What more could a guy ask for on his birthday?!?

We’ll be going out this weekend for dinner and an iPhone … gratification deferred.

So wish him a happy birthday so he doesn’t feel TOTALLY unloved on this special day! 🙂


6 thoughts on “happy birthday, Himself!

  1. According to my calendar, this has him having been born on the same day as brother Michael (but maybe not the same year)

  2. Hey, Ken – I got here a day late, but Happy Birthday. This is a major sort of celebration nexus. My birthday is coming up and today is our 49th. wedding anniversary. At lunch today a buddy told me he would send Margaret a card offering his condolences.
    Congratulations on the iPhone. I need to discuss that with you. Don’t let Bodie get at it.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I had an anniversary that would have been tomorrow (27th) I think – would have been 22 years – I wonder what sort of commonality there is with early Leos and anniversaries near their birthdays? – Probably none, but fun to wonder about nonetheless. I got an iPhone for my middle daughter for her graduation from High school, last week. It is VERY cool! – Not so cool as to pay the Verizon early termination fee but so cool as to have two phones for a couple of months. In the meantime Verizon squirms as I incrementally shut off each of the four numbers I had with them. They have resorted to unabashed solicitations under the guise of helping me with my bill, etc…. to the point of responding with a call each time I send them an email with each number they leave on my Caller ID, notifying them they have been reported to the FCC for unsolicited phone calls to a cell phone. Verizon are truely overacheivers as they both blow and suck!

  4. Oh dear. Sorry I’m so late with the Big-Birthday-Love-In. I hope it was a goody & you had a fab dinner & lots more pressies…what good are Swedish fish really when they are eaten by somedoggy else?

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