notes on a concert

have some trumpets, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I’ve realized I have a little problem with “follow-up” … titillating you with all sorts of anticipatory posts and then never letting you know what happened.

An attempt to start correcting this.

We had a great concert, we Atlantic Wind Symphony peeps did.

This picture is a pre-concert warm-up shot of our kick-ass trumpet section. There are no pictures of the concert itself, because I have not yet mastered the art of being in two places at once.

The weather sucked, so instead of a lovely picnic and outdoor concert on the mall, a la the Boston Pops on the Esplanade, we played indoors at Machlan auditorium. Which in fact, was BETTER, acoustically-speaking.

Our audience was small but enthusiastic, and treated us to two standing ovations. They loved our rendition of Duke Ellington’s Caravan (featuring aforementioned kick-ass trumpet section), and the Mancini medley, featuring well-known pops favorites such as Baby Elephant Walk, Moon River, Pink Panther, and Peter Gunn.

We closed out the concert with the rousing Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite as an encore selection and thus ended a wonderful concert.

Made MORE wonderful by the fact I got to pull out my formal long black mermaid-style skirt, which flows and swirls in the most delightful way when I walk.

We followed our successful night up with the traditional post-concert celebratory pint at the local Irish pub.

A lovely night all around.

AND …. here’s an interesting “it’s a small, small world” moment for you.

Say hi to Ron, the first trumpet in this shot.

He’s been sitting behind me for the last several years at AWS, and we only JUST recognized each other. We went to high school together in New Hampshire, about a billion years ago. Not only that, since it was a very small high school, we KNEW each other. Played in band together, etc., etc.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


One thought on “notes on a concert

  1. Just because you haven’t seen one another for 30 years or so, is no reason not to recognize one another instantly! I assume, of course, that neither of you has changed a bit over those many years.

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