My pal Joey is going to France next month. For those of you who have lost track of the summer, like me, that’s next WEEK already!

How does one resist a plea like this:

“Oooooooo it would be so good, we can go for drives & visit Chateaux and eat a different cake every day & have gin & tonics on the lawn, and play wacky games of badminton & ride the bikes through the vineyards….you have to come now…please please please.”

Want to go!

Can’t go.




One thought on “temptation

  1. Not to put a damper on it (sounds like jolly good fun) but they seem to have a thing about people walking (or rather not walking) on the grass in France. Try sitting on the grass around the Eiffel Tower or at some of the Chateaus and see how long it is before some Gendarme kicks you off!
    Still, can’t beat wine and French cheese as an alternative to being at work. Trouble is, France is so far away. Guess you could always go to Quebec.

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