2 for 2

You should thank me, because it’s 3 weeks into the new season of Project Runway, and I haven’t bothered you ONCE about it.

That’s about to end.

I just realized that we missed last night’s episode because we were too busy going apoplectic from watching the Red Sox lose YET ANOTHER GAME. That’s ok, because they’ll re-run it tonight. Project Runway, not the game. An hour earlier, which is an added bonus, since it means I can go to bed an hour earlier.

I love my sleep.


I’m happy to report that I am 2 for 2 so far – I picked the winning designer two weeks in a row.

I was captivated by the first episode’s winning design.

And for me, it was all about the bleach and coffee. She was the only designer to transform her “material” (in this episode, they had to make an outfit from stuff they bought at the grocery store) by dying and bleaching it. The result, complete with coffee filter bodice, is wonderful.

Episode Two’s winning design was also charming, and another innovative use of fabric. Suede, one of the more annoying designers, who can be picked out of a crowd either by his bright blue mohawk or his fondness for talking about himself in the third person, cut his fabric into strips which were then woven together and sewn very creatively.

Now, it’s time for dinner and the Episode 3 re-run.

Kellypuffs is hoping to hit the trifecta.


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