a room with a view

a room with a view, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

As they wheeled me into my hospital room in the middle of the night on Tuesday, the nurses were all rhapsodizing about how lucky I was to have THIS room.

At the very back end of the ward, it featured relative peace and quiet, and a lovely wall of windows looking out on a gorgeous view of the Concord countryside.

I’m afraid it all fell on deaf ears at the time, as I was busy being sick and trying NOT to throw up on their shoes, but Himself snapped a picture from his phone the next day.

It IS kinda pretty.


5 thoughts on “a room with a view

  1. It’s gorgeous. A shame you couldn’t really get to enjoy it. Must be nice to be back home in your own little bed though.

  2. I just want to point out the anomolies in the sky are from the driving rain when this picture was taken – contrary to the sunny day look of the iPhone rendition!

  3. Hmm, nurses seem to have a habit of talking about the most inappropriate things at times don’t they? I know they are just trying to distract you but when I was in hospital (the only time I’ve been in hospital as the patient) with a concussion after falling WITH my horse (not OFF haha, important difference!), they were talking about the weather and other such things…so in between saying, “yes beautiful weather” and “yes where I live is a lovely place” oh and don’t forget “yes we had to drive 1 hour to get here” I had to slip “pass me the vomit bag, I’m gonna chuck” into the convo somehow. Interesting task!

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