les vacances

(photo courtesy of JoeyJoJo)

It’s August, and it seems like the entire world is on vacation, except for me.

The person I’m MOST jealous of right now is my friend Joey, who is NOT on vacation per se, but is nonetheless comfortably ensconced in an especially picturesque portion of France right now, riding bicycles and going to festivals featuring giant buttery baked goods. I stole the picture decorating this post from her. DON’T tell her.

Thank GOD she’s faithfully recording her adventures on her blog, complete with pictures, so us stay-at-homers can live vicariously through her. Her blog is great reading at ANY time, but if you want a little taste of the good life, a la France, be sure to add her to your feed reader.

We’re supposed to be taking a week off next week. I have NO idea what we’ll do with it, besides relax. I’ve got another vacation goal … NOT to go into the hospital. THAT would really blow.

In other news, we cleaned the house this weekend. Stop by and say hi … before we get the chance to wreck it again.


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