mais non!

We’re having a little crisis here.

Himself is in Canada this week, teaching at a customer site. On one of his first visits there, he purchased what is quite possibly The Ultimate Hoodie… a red hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with the word “CANADA”.

He swears it is the warmest sweatshirt he’s ever owned. He LOVED that sweatshirt, right up to the day it disappeared. He’s mourned it ever since. During the last cold spell, he even launched a renewed search for it, to no avail.

The legend of the CANADA sweatshirt has grown over time. Listening to Himself wax poetic over the bloody hoodie, the Boy has now joined the cult. So the Boy gave Himself a very specific mission this week … to procure a CANADA hoodie for HIM, as well as a replacement for Himself.

Reports from north of the border today are NOT promising. No Ultimate Canada Sweatshirt.

And as you may remember, the Boy has an issue with delayed gratification.

“YOU tell him”, I beg Himself.

“YOU tell him”, Himself insists.

I’m NOT telling him. He’s sitting right across the room from me and I swear, I’m. not. telling. him.

I’ll write it here.

Maybe he’ll see it.



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