vacation, baby! And I need YOUR help.

Yes, next week I am taking a week off from work. Himself is not teaching next week, so he’s taking the week off too. Yay!

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

We’re not GOING anywhere, per se. Not in the “packing bags, finding a dogsitter, and jetting off to exotic foreign locales” sense, anyway.


I wouldn’t mind taking the opportunity to take some day trips …visit some local places that I am embarrassed to admit I’ve never visited yet …. I’d start to list them, but it’s quicker to say if it’s a famous place anywhere in the local area, chances are I’ve never been there:

Plymouth Plantation
Walden Pond
The Old North Bridge
Sturbridge Village
The Freedom Trail
Martha’s Vineyard

So I’m looking for ideas. What are your favorite day trips in the Boston area? Any “best kept secrets” of the local area?

Please keep in mind my innate laziness, so hiking up Mt. Washington is a non-starter.

And anything involving food and/or drink gets bonus points. 🙂


15 thoughts on “vacation, baby! And I need YOUR help.

  1. I can get discount passes to Plimoth Plantation (their spelling, not mine), with a few days notice, so come on down, and we’ll go!!

  2. I can get discount passes to Plimoth Plantation (their spelling, not mine), with a few days notice, so come on down, and we’ll go!! (Plus, I have a pile of “goodies” for you.

  3. Sorry for the repeat. Thought I could add something, but ended up sending it twice.

    Other suggestions:

    Climb Mt. Monadnock, near Peterborough, NH. An easy hike, and a great view.
    Take a Duck Tour in Boston.
    Visit the John Adams homestead in Quincy.
    Take a whale watch from Barnstable.
    Visit the old homestead in Plymouth, NH
    Visit Battleship Cove in New Bedford; several ships to climb on including the battleship Massachusetts.
    Drive Route 2 (the Mohawk Trail) west to Williamstown.
    Come visit us.

  4. Airport Diner in Shirley (so who cares about cholesterol?) then head west on Route 2 to Mount Wachusett. They used to run the chairlift in summer so you can take in the view – call ahead to see if they still do that. Peter R.

  5. Take the early Salem Ferry into Long Wharf/Aquarium.
    Cruise Quincy Market or visit the Aquarium.
    Lunch at one of the fine restaurants in the market.
    Walk Haborwalk to Freedom Trail across Charlestown Bridge through City Square to Bunker Hill Monument, climb to top.
    Continue back along trail to USS Constitution, take deep breath.
    Back to Long Wharf, catch 5:10 back to Salem, take bicycle rickshaw to Salem Beer Works for craft beer and awesome fare.
    Don’t forget to enjoy the trip back to Salem in the wind from the bow of the cat.

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