Vacation, day 1

Morning, peeps, from the beginning of day 2 of my vacation.

Yesterday, the first day of my vacation, rocked.

First, I slept in til 11am. I didn’t MEAN to do that, honest. I have every intention of waking with the dawn this week, to take full advantage of every lovely day.

The Girl stopped by show off her new birthday present and to pick up more goodies for her apartment.

Yes, she is skateboarding IN THE STREET. Sheesh. Some people’s kids…

Not to be outdone, WE gave her a birthday present too:

“A journal for recording the wondrous uniqueness of every bowel movement.” The perfect gift for the Anal Retentive in your life. I think my favorite part is the introduction of the Poo Quality Index (PQI)TM.

At one point, the entire family had congregated in the barn, looking for some bit of wonderfulness to send home with the Girl, when the Wonder Dog starting going apeshit at the back door … whining and begging to go out. Turns out the neighbor dog had stopped by to visit (he’s done this once or twice before). Then followed a lovely interlude of chatting with our neighbor while the dogs tore around the backyard, having a GRAND time, racing around like idiots, and taking turns trying to mount each other.

We came back into the house, loaded down with cucumbers and tomatoes from the neighbor’s overflowing garden and proceeded to exhaust the rest of the bread in the house indulging in an impromptu cucumber sandwich orgy. Mmmmm. We LOVE cucumber sandwiches.

Later in the day, we went to our local KMart, which deserves a blog entry all its own someday. There, BECAUSE THEY WERE ON SALE, we bought ten (TEN!) boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes. Ten for $10.

It was all the Boy’s fault, I swear.

We stopped at the farm market on the way home, in a pathetic and ultimately futile attempt to redeem ourselves by buying kale, carrots, and beeswax candles.

Last evening, it was gin & tonics, and crackers, cheese and apples in front of the Red Sox game.

So far this morning, we’ve sat at the dining room table over coffee and TALKED about doing the Great Clean-Out this week, to culminate in a garage sale next Saturday.

Tomorrow, the men are coming to pump the septic tank. Don’t tell ME I don’t know how to live it up.

A week of possibilities…


2 thoughts on “Vacation, day 1

  1. It looks like you’re having a really nice time. Hooray.
    P.S. LOOOOOVE the poo log. Is there a dead otter in there? Or maybe the kids that won’t leave the pool?

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