things I learn on summer vacation

Three days into vacation, and I want you to know that it’s not all fun and games and banana daiquiris here at chez Kellypuffs. I’m hoping to make this precious time a growth experience, so I am going to record all the new things I learn and do over the week, to show that it’s not a TOTAL waste of time, but is another tiny step or two along the path to enlightenment and nirvana.

soooo …

  • It is possible to grow weary of watching Red Sox games on TV. I didn’t think it was possible, but my attention has flagged. BORED now. Boredboredboredbored bored. Yawn. Wake me for the playoffs.
  • My sewing machine is possessed. The Bernina has developed a mind of its own, and started running BACKWARDS… BY ITSELF… when I was in the midst of patching a pair of jeans. I stepped quickly away from the machine, and will be calling in reinforcements.
  • Getting the septic tank pumped is a noisy business.
  • But not noisy enough to wake me up more than momentarily.
  • Cucumber sandwiches made with garden-fresh cucumbers and hand-sliced slabs of homemade oatmeal bread with a BIG glass of iced tea is quite possibly one of the best summer meals EVER.
  • I learned that one of the reasons I’m having so much trouble making jewelry is that I was only using ONE pair of needlenose pliers. Apparently, it works MUCH better with one in each hand. I will report my findings.
  • There are about six gazillion peach recipes on t’interwebs. And every single one of them looks good.
  • A Great Cleanout tip: It is a billion times easier to do the To Keep, To Trash, To Sell
    schtick if you plan to have a garage sale at the end. I’m amassing a huge pile of crap junk stuff TREASURES for the sale. Now we just have to have it.
  • I’m surprised to discover that I don’t like swiss cheese as much as I used to.
  • If I don’t commute to work, listening to NPR’s Morning Edition or All Things Considered, I don’t get news. I have ZERO idea what is going on in the world. The Boy just told me that there’s a hurricane bearing down on Florida. I don’t know the latest state of the Russia/Georgia dust-up, nor the latest election news. It’s kinda NICE, but maybe I should put some news feeds in my reader.
  • Restaurants sometimes take Mondays off. So that’s a good enough excuse for not being so productive today.
  • I’ve discovered, from my feng shui book, that my chi is whooshing heedlessly through my front hallway/stairs, so I must put a round rug in there to encourage it to linger.
  • I’ve also learned that I should put a Boston fern next to the television. I moved the one from the upstairs landing down to next to the TV in the living room. It looks happier already.

    “I got a cactus in the bathroom, but we’ve got nothing to say to each other.”– Walter Matthau, Grumpy Old Men
  • An Internet Village Fete. Vegetable Carving?! Now this I MUST do.

    It should feature peaches.


3 thoughts on “things I learn on summer vacation

  1. I for one, am loving you blogging like crazy, and looking forward to more.
    So much to learn, so litle time.
    Particularly looking forward to seeing what you do with peaches.

  2. You think you’ve got problems with having your septic tank pumped out? We can’t even get the fella to ours because he won’t cross the bridge (about 20 years old, and wooden), probably a good thing we wouldn’t want him going through the bridge and emptying his load in the creek now would we? Hehe!!

    What do you think of feng shui? Do you feel better for when you do what it says? I’ve been interested in it but never gotten interested enough to get a book or anything like that…not sure if I believe it or not yet?

    I like the new layout by the way!

  3. I’m not sure what to think of the feng shui. Before I got the book, I was CONVINCED that our house had the best feng shui on the PLANET, because I haven’t felt this comfortable in a house since my childhood home in New Hampshire. Yet according to the book, most everything is wrong. Nothing faces in the right direction or is placed correctly.

    However, I think a lot of the underlying principles are sound.

    How’s that for a non-answer? 🙂

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