the good life

Happy Thursday, people!

While the rest of you are are slaving away in your cubicle farms or concrete jungles, I have been living the good life here at Kellypuffs Central.

Ask me if we’ve gone on any of those day trips I was bragging about. Go ahead, ASK me.

The answer would be NO.

And the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, unlike in Belgium.

We HAVE left the house. Once or twice.

One day, we went to Home Depot. (Oooh! Aaaah!)

The rest of the time we have spent “puttering”.

Himself fixed the dishwasher and hung a clothesline. I made a hanging bag for the clothespins from an old dish towel.

I walked to the library and threw my back out carrying a crap-load of books home.

I’ve stayed up late and slept in late.

I sat on the front porch late one night, wrapped in a homemade quilt, and watched an incredible lightning storm.

I crocheted a wire and bead choker.

I baked a peach skillet pie, and then took some truly horrible pictures of it. So I’ll have to make another one before I can blog about it. Sorry about that. It was GOOD, too.

I’ve done a WHOLE bunch of other stuff that I am justifiably proud of, and now can’t remember to save my life.

I’m still trying to conjure up an entry for Emma’s Village Fete. I want very much to enter the vegetable carving category, but am drawing a big goose-egg blank. I should go to the farm market and wander around, until inspiration strikes.

Maybe I’ll enter Bodie in the Pet Fancy Dress contest instead.

Most of all, I’m just taking the chance to slow down and enjoy. Every minute. It’s nice not to have to rush around, and fit in all the errands/chores after work, but to rather make them part of the gentle rhythm of everyday life. It’s nice to be able to stay up late “on a school night”. It’s nice to have the time to write longer blog posts. Nice for ME, anyway. You people just have to suffer through it.


One thought on “the good life

  1. We did that last week, only in N.H. Rented a great place in Campton/Waterville Estates (not the Valley). We just pretty much hung out, ate, looked at the beautiful scenery, and watched the Olympics. It was wonderful! Like the new blog layout by the way.

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