garage sailing

Here I am … live-blogging the garage sale. It’s a lovely summer day and here we sit in our driveway, with all our worldly goods on display and on sale.

We’ve had a steady stream of visitors and met some lovely people… and a couple of nice dogs.

So far, I think we’ve made $3.75, and the pile of crap doesn’t seem to be any smaller.

Still available: the neon-green slinky phone (it works!), an electric keyboard and instruction book, a very strange fake topiary rabbit, about 153 CDs, several dozen books, a left-handed bass guitar, a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and a hot air popcorn popper, among other treasures.

I’m not quitting my day job.


3 thoughts on “garage sailing

  1. Gee, the lime-green slinky phone and the keyboard sound vaguely familiar. Good luck. My experience with yard sales is that you might just as well haul the stuff to the local thrift shop, and get a tax receipt.
    Even the thrift shops won’t take encyclopedias any more. If someone even looks at it, offer it for free if they’ll haul it away.

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