Behold! It’s a miracle tool!

Behold! It’s a miracle tool!, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I’ve just discovered the grater.

I think that’s what they call these.

If you have one of these, take it from me, the world is your oyster.

I thought shredded carrots came from the store. In a bag.

And I can tell you exactly how many bags of shredded cheese you need to buy in order to make a good macaroni and cheese.

Who knew you could shred it yourself?!?


10 thoughts on “Behold! It’s a miracle tool!

  1. In our household I’m the sous-chef who gets to grind, grate, chop and generally reduce ingredients in section. Ah, the Grater. One should approach this with care because too much enthusiasm might result in getting bits of fingertips and knuckles in there with the cheddar. Peter R.

  2. Look how shiny it is.
    With a little more grating activity it will be suitably dull like all well loved kitchen appliances. Well done on finding this antique specimen. xxx

  3. Using such a wonderful tool, one can grate it yourself.

    However, care should be taken as you could grate yourself 😉

  4. Oh and have you discovered zest? That fine side there – yes you can zest lemons, oranges, even grapefruit I suppose – for adding to any number of citrusy concoctions – most recently I made lemon bars. But it also comes in handy in citrus mojitos.

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