just as busy, just on different stuff

So, the long holiday weekend* looms ahead. And I just realized that I’ve got a crap-load of art stuff I need to get done this weekend. Even artists-manque have deadlines, who’d thunk?

My Art House Coop “Collecting Objects” project is due this weekend. The folio is just about done and I’ve been putting off filling it all month.

August 31 is the deadline for entries over at Emma’s Village Fete, and I haven’t carved a SINGLE vegetable yet. An extreme case of “artist’s block”, if there is such a thing. I’ve just about decided that the only way to cure it is to wander down to the farmer’s market (TODAY!) in search of inspiration. Although there is NO way I can beat this:

or this:

I’m not including a picture with this one. Click on the link to see. And read the whole story. I swear, you’ll snort coffee out of your nose. I did.

There’s one more art project due this weekend, but for the LIFE of me, I can’t remember what it is.

THAT’s scary.

AndandAND, I just got invited to join another cooperative art project! *bounce* *bounce*

Fortunately, it’s not due this weekend.

* It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US, traditionally viewed as the quasi-official End of Summer. School starts next week, and the leaves have started to fall here in New England. Most of America decides it’s the perfect time to hold one last BBQ and beer blow-out hoo-ha, or go shopping for school supplies/clothes at the Labor Day sales held everywhere. College football starts this weekend, too, and the Boy has already announced that he’ll be squirrelled away in his Man Cave all weekend, watching the games on TV. I’ll be cutting & pasting and carving vegetables. Who’s stranger?

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