in which I am a glutton, a wastrel AND an idiot, all at the same time

I ate an entire batch of semi-homemade* oatmeal cranberry cookies almost single-handedly yesterday (for @ansate and anyone else who wants the recipe: take one pouch of Betty Crocker’s Oatmeal Cookie mix. Instead of raisins, add dried cranberries. Enjoy.)

I’m not proud of that.

But they were SOOOOOO good.

But I’m a little upset about my cranberries.

My packet of dried Cape Cod cranberries was bought in a grocery store in Massachusetts, while I was reading Plenty, and consequently, on a little micro-tear about eating locally. While at the grocery store, I thought, “AHA! Raisins come from California, cranberries come from Cape Cod, and therefore, if I put cranberries in my cookies rather than raisins, it will be one more little step toward reducing the carbon footprint of my food.”

Say what you will – I’m a little loony, but my heart’s in the right place.

So imagine my dismay when I discovered THIS:

Not only am I a glutton, I am a wastrel. I have bought and eaten cranberries that have gone on the fruit equivalent of the Grand Tour before returning home and ending up in my cookies.

I am an idiot.

5 thoughts on “in which I am a glutton, a wastrel AND an idiot, all at the same time

  1. I always use Craisins instead of raisins in my oatmeal cookies. Yum. It’s tough to find any this pre-packaged that’s truely local anymore. Don’t worry about being an idiot…it’s a big club…join us…

  2. All your fruit are belong to us.

    Northern California

    ps – absolutely amazing berries this year, and, better late than never, incomparable tomatoes. dbk

  3. I know how it feels to try your best to do the right thing for the environment. Yesterday I went to the store and brought all of my cloth bags. I crammed all my stuff into two bags. No paper, no plastic. I let my veggies roam free, promising myself to scrub them after who knows how many people have touched them…but I am turning a new leaf.
    Then the lady behind me in line moves up for her turn and says, “I would like paper with plastic on the outside.” Oh, jeez. Why even try?

  4. KP, one could look at the positive side of this in that the package doesn’t say WHERE the those CAPE COD cranberries were physically packaged. Only that the company that packaged them is headquartered in California.

    Therefore, there’s still hope. 😉

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