dead bug season?

I can’t think of anything I aspire to more than being a “renaissance woman”. I want to know EVERYTHING. However, I keep discovering some appalling gaps in my knowledge base.

Taking the dog out for his morning constitutional, Himself observes that there are a remarkable number of dead bugs gracing our doorstep.

Why? WHY?

Is there a Dead Bug Season? If there is, I don’t know about it. I should KNOW. I should be able to expound eloquently and at length about Dead Bug Season to all and sundry. Folks from Fox News would ask me to be their resident talking head on Dead Bug Season: Let’s turn to Kellypuffs, Renaissance Woman and noted Dead Bug Season expert, author of New York Times bestseller “The Season of Death”.

Or is it a bug epidemic? I should know that, too. I’ve even got a title for that book: “They’re Dropping Like FLIES!”

Could be a tragedy, really. Are they freezing to death? We ARE wearing sweatshirts this morning. And why is “upside down” the preferred death pose of bugs? I don’t know that either.

Pathetic, really.


6 thoughts on “dead bug season?

  1. Entering a parking garage in Boston recently, my daughter remarks on how dirty the overhead lights are.

    Upon closer inspection, one realizes that those dark spots are not dirt or debris, but bugs …
    dead bugs.

    At least they stayed on the lamps and didn’t clutter the floor.

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