gimme. NOW.

Aren’t you even the TINIEST bit curious about the fact that, although there has been an iPhone in my house for over a MONTH now, I haven’t written a single post about it?!?

Isn’t that STRANGE? But there’s a simple explanation.

Locked into my blackberry contract for another year PLUS some, I have been resolved not to pay ANY attention to the wonderful bit of geeky goodness that is the iPhone.

La, la, la, la, I can’t SEE you.

Even when Himself was crooning over it at the dinner table the other night, whispering sweet nothings into its ear, I remained unmoved.

The first crack in the armor was the cricket ring-tone. Pretty nifty stuff, that. Just listening to it makes me smile. I made him use that as the ring-tone for my calls.

I love the little magnifying glass that helps you with text editing.

I love the fact that it KNOWS if you are holding it in portrait or landscape mode, and adjusts accordingly.

Some of the apps are pretty neat, too. He picked up one that was billed as “the only conversion app you’ll ever need”, and then discovered that it didn’t include paper weights conversions. I mean, honestly! So he wrote the developer and thus began an online collaboration, the end result of which is truly “the only conversion app you’ll ever need” – one that includes paper weights conversions. Talk about agile development!

But I just found THE killer app. That which has shattered my Ice Maiden façade and now has reduced me to a quivering pool of covetousness. It has me plotting all sorts of Machiavellian plans to acquire an iPhone myself.


It’s the spirit level app. Yes, you can use the iPhone as a spirit level, to level all the hanging pictures in your house.

It’s a dessert topping, a floor wax AND a motor oil!

Be still, my beating heart.



8 thoughts on “gimme. NOW.

  1. My wife had the VERY same reaction when I got mine back in May. She just got hers At the beginning of August as a birthday present. She hasn’t put it down since.

  2. I don’t have an iPhone, I haven’t really had anything to do with it! Trying to steer clear of all the new wonderful releases they put out there, because I tend to crave the latest gadgets.

  3. I too am loving this new template. The pale blue one with the leaf. Mmmmm so soothing and contemplative.
    Don’t forget to eat today.

    P.S. Hey, we went to Boston yesterday!!!!How could I be so stoopid as to not know there would be a Boston in the UK. Next time you come we have to go there. It was lovely.

  4. I worry sometimes, when I have nothing better to worry about, that I am screwing up my “brand identity” with all these blog template changes.


    Then I remember that I LIKE playing with the visual design of this blog.

    Joey, I’m glad you like this bluey one, but it’s not twisting my socks.

    The search for the perfect template continues….

  5. Now that you mention it, Kelly!

    Think of it: you would be the coolest IBM manager in town with an iPhone connected to the IBM WLAN. And you would always be ready to mail, surf and blog no matter where you are.

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