iPhone, will you be mine?

Thanks to the iPhone, we now know that the ambient noise level in the backyard is 30 dB. That’s just the crickets and the tree frogs, and a dog barking down the road. This country living is NOISY.

Thanks to the iPhone, never again will Himself be stranded, far from home, without a pair of virtual maracas. Honestly? I’m trying to think of a time when I would desperately need emergency maracas, and I’m coming up blank.

However, I’m willing to nod indulgently in the direction of the maracas, because they are offset so magnificently by that most indispensable iPhone app on the planet (beside the spirit level, of course) … the Magic 8 Ball.

Armed with my day planner and the Magic 8 Ball app, I could conquer the world.

Signs point to yes.


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