country fair 2008

littleton country fair 2008, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Yes, yes, yes!

Today was the big day, the day of the town’s annual Country Fair. It was a wonderful day, and the rain was kind enough to hold off til after closing time.

The Country Fair is a town tradition going on for about six and a half million years. I think it’s sponsored by the town’s Unitarian Church, but features a bunch of other local institutions ranging from the firemen to the Lions Club.

I took some pictures and realized that most of them require explanation, so here you go. Those of you not interested in being subjected to the internet equivalent of being held captives in a friend’s living room watching their holiday slides, I suggest you go somewhere else. Now.

The church ladies are justifiably renowned for their jam and jellies booth. By the time we arrived, the shelves were starting to look a little bare, but I managed to snag a jar of mango pepper jelly. mmmmm. I wish I had gotten more.

The church ladies were also busy with a number of crafty gift items that caught my eye. I think I bought one of each for Christmas presents.

I got a nifty book at the library’s book sale.

This, I believe, is the famous fainting goat. The local weekly paper announced that this year’s fair would feature a pig and a fainting goat.

I don’t think the pig made it.

And this may, indeed, be a fainting goat, but it failed to demonstrate that feature while I was watching. At one point, he was nose-to-nose with a larger dog straining on its leash, and even THAT wasn’t enough to induce the vapors.

There was a section of the fair devoted to kids’ games, of course.

And there was a pony to ride.

And then there was the Trash and Treasure stalls. We arrived late enough in the day that they announced the $1/bag sale. Everything you can fit in a bag for one dollar. So we filled a bag with enough stuff to replace everything we sold in the yard sale.

But it was all worth it for this:

Yes. It is MINE.

Since we’ve been using the oven a little more lately, we’ve been bitching and moaning about our lack of an oven thermometer, in order to investigate the fact that our 70s-era Jenn Air seems to take forEVER to cook things, MUCH longer than the things are SUPPOSED to take.

NOW we’ll know.


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