Mt. Beanmore

Mt. Beanmore, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Conceived and built by the Boy.

We bought 10 family-sized cans of baked beans because they were on sale – 10/$10. Shades of Little Debbie.

I loveloveLOVE my little old house, but one of its many quirks is a noteable lack of pantry space. I have no ROOM for ten family-sized cans of baked beans.

What were we thinking?!?

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear any wonderful baked bean recipes you might have out there…

baked bean fricasee…?
baked beans au gratin…?
baked beans a la mode…?



5 thoughts on “Mt. Beanmore

  1. No offense meant, by the way. I just feel terrible you have such a beantastrophe on your hands!

    I noticed that you bought 3 different flavors, and thought it would be lots of fun to have a blind taste-testing to see if you can determine which flavor is which.

  2. An oldie but a goodie- Beanie Weenies. Actually, when we grill sausage, we grill extra, then have it waiting in the freezer to dump in whatever. Beanie Weenies is one of our comfort/fast/desperation dinners. When we are feeling fancy, we bake it in the over. When we are feeling less than fancy, we zap it in the microwave.

    A variation is to do the same casserole thingy but with cooked ground beef or turkey.

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