You can’t say I never promised you drivel.


Faced with an overwhelming abundance of baked beans, I’m making tuna casserole for dinner. I’ll worry about the beans tomorrow.


Ok. You know how the firehouse blows the whistle at some time approximating noon each day? I’m SURE I’ve mentioned it once or a hundred times. And did I mention that it’s not really a whistle, it’s a horn. A REALLY loud horn on a REALLY tall pole just a stone’s throw away. We’re lucky we didn’t lose any of the roofers the first day they were here. So the Boy’s had an idea. He’s convinced that there must be a REASON for them blowing the sometime-between-11:04-and-1:07-and-almost-certainly-NOT-noon whistle. So he proposes that next Saturday, when it goes off, we RACE down to the firehouse on foot, arrive panting and disheveled, and wait for instructions.




Granola is NOT meant to be baked at 400 degrees for 1 hour. I’m going to market my new flavor as “Burnt Campfire Marshmallow” flavor.


Chocolate pretzels rock.


I’m VERY disappointed in my Hannah Montana Secret Star Hair Color Stick in Pop Star Purple. It’s not purple, it’s barely color at ALL. Where are my dramatic purple pop star streaks?!? Gah.


Yay! I have just finished paying for the bananamobile, just in time to trade it in for a Smaht Cah. Or should I wait for the VW microbus?


Anachrotechnofetishism: I’ll take one of each, please. Thank you.


Mark your calendars! This Friday, September 19th, is Talk Like a Pirate Day.




4 thoughts on “drivel

  1. I get very important essay results on Friday… wonder if I’ve pARRRRRsed. Ahem.

    You should definitely do the alarm thing! The more elaborate, the better. Bonus points for wearing firefighter outfits.

    Also, I’m putting purple in my hair again soon… I love having purple hair!

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