not a creature was stirring…

7:30am on a Monday morning.

I’m in the office, and it appears that I am the only one here, besides the fly that is swooping around my laptop, and the facilities guy, who beat a hasty retreat after coming into the ladies’ room to change the paper towels while I was there.

I love early mornings, even though I hatehateHATE getting up early. I love the chance to drink my coffee in peace and quiet while prepping for the day. Reviewing the week’s schedule, updating the day planner, getting some writing done before I go into total interrupt-driven mode.

When do YOU get your best work done?


6 thoughts on “not a creature was stirring…

  1. I have 3 young kids. I don’t get any good work done anymore. If I’m out and about without any children (a rare occurrence), you’ll still see a glazed look in my eyes. It’s just too little time away from them for my brain to recover.

    Though I don’t want their childhoods to go by too quickly, I do look forward to the days when I can send a two line email (or post a comment on a blog) without anyone on my lap, screaming, throwing food, talking incessantly, pushing extra keys, or all of the above. Ironically, I know I’ll miss it once it’s gone.

  2. Since my team is spread all around the world and I ‘ve a morning person since I can remember, I would say between 6 am and 11 am…

    And sometimes a late afternoon epiphany may happen! 🙂

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