proof that I am an idiot

…like you needed any…

Here you go …

I thought this was my MPG, proving me to be a hypermiling goddess.

Alas, it was my MPH, proving me to be a freakin’ idiot.


6 thoughts on “proof that I am an idiot

  1. 🙂

    The bananamobile has a bunch of fun extra settings on the tach … you can see what the outside temperature is (in F or C), your average fuel consumption in MPG (which I’ve been using for my hypermiling experiments), OR, as it turns out, average MPH.

    I averaged 60 miles per HOUR on the trip to the airport, which is all highway, NOT 60 miles per GALLON, which would have been WAY cool.

    And yes, the picture was taken right after I turned the engine off in Manchester, which is slightly more comforting than the thought that I took it while DRIVING 60 mph. With the parking brake on.

  2. It was! Lovely intersection, isn’t it? I always have to fight the urge to “Italian Job” it through there sometime at 60. I bet I could get decent air. 🙂

    What was that lovely antique treasure you were driving?

  3. LOL! The Lady von Slatt and I drive identical Yarises (or is that Yarii?) and we often refer to “The Italian Job” when we go places together in separate cars. (The original 1969 Michael Cain version of course!)

    The car I was driving Saturday is a total mongrel, It’s a kit car from the 70’s built on a VW Beetle chassis that’s supposed to look like a 1929 Mercedes that the registry insists is a 1985 model year.

    It’s an ongoing project but you would have known it was me if you had been able to see the license plate:

    On another subject entirely, how do I get The Lady von Slatt to refer to me as “Himself” eh? 😉

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