between the two sides of Kellypuffs.

There’s the wanna-be artist Kellypuffs, who revels in slopping around in paint and gel medium and a gazillion tiny bits of paper. She wants to make one of these. Tonight. She MUST make one of these. TONIGHT.

Then there’s the girly-girl Kellypuffs, who is wearing colored nail polish for the first time in almost EVER, after a lifetime of being dedicated devotee of the elegant and understated French manicure, which has the advantage of NOT making me look like a painted Jezebel (sorry, is my Catholic upbringing showing?), as well as being subtle enough that you can’t tell when I’ve made a pig’s breakfast out of my nails with gel medium. Nail polish and gel medium do NOT work and play with together. But that’s ok. I’ll wear disposable gloves.

But then there’s the paper. I started tearing up and crumpling a brown paper Donelan’s grocery bag for my new and exciting project when I realized that, again, I was wrecking my manicure.

Oh, the humanity!

So now I’m waiting for the Boy to come home. To wrinkle my brown paper for me.

I wish he’d hurry.


I wonder if cotton gardening gloves would help?


No, better not risk it.



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