seeking employment, governess

19 Bleecker St., Boston
July 27, ’82

Mrs. E. F. Slocum:

Madam –

In reply to your advertisement in to-day’s Courier for a Governess to teach three little girls French, German, and English, I hasten to inform you that I am graduate of Vassar Class ’80; that I have resided one year in Paris and five months in Vienna, sojourning in both capitals for the purpose of completing my knowledge of French and German.

I have been Governess in the family of Mr. George F Witmore, but owing to the death of my dear little pupil, their only daughter, Ada, I have been thrown out of employment. In addition to my College and Academy testimonials, I beg to refer to Mrs. Witmore, Holly Park, Brookline, and to the Rev. Mr. Brooks, St. Matthew’s Church.

Hoping to be favored by your selection,

I am,

Yours respectfully,

Miriam J. Packard

– example correspondence from The Letter Writer,
– Collier’s Cyclopedia of Social and Commercial Information, 1882


One thought on “seeking employment, governess

  1. methinks that perhaps she should have identified the fact that she was not the one responsible for said pupil’s death, and that she could have re-phrased ‘thrown out of employment’ to detract from the fact that the child died during her employment.

    It reads like a CFO applying for a job after having been last employed at AIG or Lehman Bros.

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