happy birfday, baby boy!

He’s cute.

He’s old.

He’s the reason that the phrase “I can’t talk to you right now – I’m an ice cream cone” makes perfect sense in our family, especially when accompanied by the obligatory Ice Cream Cone pose (stock still, lips firmly shut, with arms raised fully above head, hands in prayer mode.)

He’s the reason I still check the loft of the Fisher Price barn when I’ve lost my keys.

Festivities began this morning. He showered. Then he napped. And tonight, there’s frozen pizza and baseball to look forward to.

And yes, I found a NEW childhood photo to embarrass him with.

Back when he was an angel…


2 thoughts on “happy birfday, baby boy!

  1. Happy Birthday to the Boy.

    We have random things like that in my family (but i can’t think of any at the moment! How great is that lol. I’ll be back with some random ones from my family later)

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