all the news that’s fit to print

I’ve got nothing but a whole lot of randomness tonight:

  • Came downstairs this morning to discover that the bread thief had struck again. Strewn across the living floor were several plastic bits with the tell-tale yellow and red Martin’s Potato Bread printing. No bread. Not a single crumb. Also on the living room floor, one half of a Dutch apple pie, still secure in the container in which it was bought. The dog, upon hearing my sighs of dismay, crawled guiltily UNDER the dining room table (no mean feat for a 110-pound Bernese Mountain Dog), where he refused to meet my eyes or come out.
  • Interestingly enough, after talking to the Boy tonight, I learn that this little crime didn’t happen til AFTER the Boy left this morning, and before I came downstairs. Because, although the Wonder Dog is dumb, he does NOT have a death wish.
  • Tried watching the VP debate last night. Lasted exactly 47 seconds into Joe Biden’s first response. Then I remembered why I don’t watch debates. Too confrontational. Ick, ack, GAG. People slinging invective at each other from across the room. Nice. No thanks. There are re-runs of House episodes to watch.
  • Bought the Ironman DVD when it came out on Tuesday, based solely on Himself’s rave reviews. Haven’t watched it yet. Because there’s post-season baseball on TV. Duh. Maybe this weekend.
  • Just got invited to the Great Semi-Annual Boat Shift at the Roberts’ estate. In exchange for a little manual labor either launching or dry-docking the USS White Trash, we get food and drink, great music, and great company in an idyllic setting. Honestly, I mostly just stand around and take pictures. And yet, they continue to invite me.
  • Got the season’s first home heating oil delivery today. Fearing it’s going to be a long, expensive winter.
  • Wishing Tim hadn’t posted this on his blog. Although I’ve had all sorts of fun playing with my house, or drawing in my sketchbook, it hadn’t (yet) occurred to me that I could combine two of my favorite activities and use my beloved Sharpies on the WALLS. Mwahahahaha.

I know there’s more. But I’m hungry.


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