city block – unfinished

city block – unfinished, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

done during last night’s Project Runway.

Please note the appalling lack of perspective everywhere, but especially in the little hobbit house in the lower left corner.

The Boy despairs of me ever “getting it”, and has now decided that that will be my artistic “thing”, as in:

“Oh, that’s a Kellypuffs. You can tell because she always includes at least one element completely out of perspective, as a commentary on our contemporary societal struggles with conformity.”

*snort* 🙂


4 thoughts on “city block – unfinished

  1. amazing…i might put eyes on inanimate objects and make a mean sandwich, but i could never draw as well as you can…*jealousy*

  2. The whole composition is excellent – and the small dwelling bottom left is quite appropriate. I bet who/whatever lives there has unlimited space inside (as in the Tardis) and understands string theory. A+

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