hot times in the old town

orchard row by muffet
photo courtesy of flickr user Muffet

I’m overwhelmed by the gazillion placards and sandwich boards that have appeared on town commons all along my commute. Seems like everyone and their brother has scheduled their activity for this weekend.

The Reuben Hoar Library’s book sale starts this afternoon and runs through Saturday.

Freemasons all over the state (the country? the world?) are holding Open Houses this Saturday, wherein people (um, men) can go to their local Masonic lodge (hall? temple?) and learn about all the Secret Man Stuff that the Masons do.

There will be Pumpkins on the Common in Carlisle this weekend, AND a Harvest Fair. The Harvest Fair is being held somewhere designated only by a 3-letter acronym with which I am not familiar. I guess that’s one way to keep the riff-raff out.

You can pick your own apples at Nagog Hill Farm, and pick your own pumpkin at Pickard’s.

The Littleton Scholarship Drive is this weekend.

Also, you can drop off your unwanted electronics at the Littleton High School parking lot between 9am-noon on Saturday. For a small fee, the senior class will collect your electronic trash – say, a really huge old TV that one got off of freecycle in a moment of weakness… or the 27 old Apple computers one has stored in one’s barn – and send it all off to a recycling facility. I hope Himself is READING THIS.

This is the weekend that the USS White Trash goes into dry dock for the winter.

However, I will likely miss most, if not all, of these exciting events, because I have my bi-weekly salon appointment for my nails. It’s an imperative this time, because the sparkly, passionately purple nails which amused me so greatly two weeks ago now seem tawdry and crude, screaming “Strumpet!” at me every time I look at them.

A French manicure is required, as soon as possible.


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