Dear BMW, Pick ME!

Today I learn about the Mini-E, an emissions-free, all-electric Mini Coop from our friends at BMW.

I want. In a big, big way.

Looks like the initial deployment is going to be 500 cars to select private and commercial customers in New York, New Jersey and California.

I’m not select, and I’m not in New York, New Jersey, OR California, but I am a loyal and vociferous Mini Cooper owner, who would be more than happy to slap her dashboard Jesus onto the Mini-E and beta-test (or would this be “alpha”) what is sure to be the coolest car in the universe.

Just sayin’.

I feel like Peanuts’ Linus … if I have the most sincere bananamobile in the Mini patch, maybe the Great Pumpkin BMW will bestow upon me a Mini-E?


(via Notcot)


One thought on “Dear BMW, Pick ME!

  1. BMW has a program whereby you can pick up a new car at their plant in Germany, drive it around Europe for a bit, and then ship it home at (supposedly) a significant savings. GO to the BMW website and see what you can find out.

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