it was a dark and stormy afternoon…

a corner of the garden, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

It was a dark, windy and warm autumn afternoon here.

The backyard furniture is once again in the backyard. Finally. Because we are giant sloths, the picnic table, benches, and two Adirondack chairs have been sitting in the driveway since the yard sale. But Nov 1 is rapidly approaching, and Nov 1 means No More Overnight Parking On The Street, and we now are a FOUR car family, and our driveway is TINY and so we finally had a compelling reason to move the crap back.

The empty nest is not so empty anymore.

We had an empty nest for a year. It was nice. It was quiet. I spent probably the first six months mourning the Girl’s departure to college. Then I started thinking about art space in the house. Then the Boy came home to live in the barn. Then Himself’s Girl came. And don’t forget the Wonder Dog and the 3 cats.

The house is full once more.

And I’m loving it.

It’s a different dynamic, with four self-sufficient, busy adults in the house. Everyone chips in, everyone picks up after themselves, and best of all, we share a similar temperament.

This afternoon, the strains of Cole Porter could be heard coming from the barn, where Himself was puttering with the reel-to-reel going. Above, in the Mancave, the Boy was napping. He wasn’t screaming, which was surprising, given Himself’s music choices.

Anyway, it’s working out great.

But I’m going to need a pseudonym for Himself’s Girl, since you’ll probably be hearing more about her here … hmm…..

5 thoughts on “it was a dark and stormy afternoon…

  1. P.S. I’m loving the new template. You must have had some time on your hands.
    P.P.S I’m loving too, the Miss Read book you sent me. I’m trying to ration myself to just a few pages each night so I don’t finish it too quickly.

  2. No read to ration. She continued to write two separate chronicles of village life over many years … there are several sequels to the one I gave you that I’m SURE can be found in your local library, AND when you run out of those, go to the Fairacre series.

    All wonderful,gentle, observational writing from times gone by.

  3. There’s a great series of books by Ann Taylor (don’t remember the titles) that chronicle life in a small village in Ireland in the 60’s. I highly recommend them.

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