a family divided

a family divided, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

a lousy photo (sorry!), taken on my blackberry, of a very funny pair of signs in someone’s front yard in Carlisle, MA. Obama is hers.


8 thoughts on “a family divided

  1. Whoa! I popped over from Google Reader so I could leave a comment. Where am I? Can this white template be the home of our craftsy, sparkly, imaginative Kellypuffs??

    The signs above could just as well belong to my parents. I’m not sure why they even vote since they’re going to cancel each other out! I like how you stopped just to photograph it. 🙂

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Then drove a little ways up the road until I could find a safe place to turn around so I could stop and photograph it. 🙂

    Colonel Dad and I have been canceling each out for years. We’re now looking to the Boy as a crucial swing vote.

  3. How far are we off election day now? I’m in the UK and overall know more about American Politics than I do about UK politics!

    I think over here US politics are more interesting – there was even an interview with Barack in Marie Claire – I can’t see Gordon Brown being interviewed in it!

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