bring out your dead

We’re in black this evening in honor of Halloween tomorrow. And because we’re in mourning.

Got bad news via IM this morning, after I had arrived at the office:

“…your macbook was making this awful noise and spinning ball of death and it looks like the hard drive died…”

I was busy today, so I didn’t really have time to think about it, but now I’m home. A little last minute Power Point Rangering and I’m done working for the night.

NOW I want my macbook.


Thank God for Time Machine.

Himself is now putting my latest backup onto one of the hangar queens we have, and I can limp by with that until my baby gets repaired.

It is to mourn.

3 thoughts on “bring out your dead

  1. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not the Macbook!!!!!!!!


    Both me and CJ have left windows-ness and joined the Mac Side (as opposed to the dark side!) Unfortunately CJ had to install Windows on his as some of the programs he uses lots are not run-able on the mac (at present!)

    He feels rather ashamed of it – I keep sitting there stroking my Macbook telling it I’d never betray it by installing substandard programs on it hehe

  2. Short of Alienware or building it yourself, Apple makes the best hardware for running Windows! Some use it exclusively but I use Parallels and can just QUIT when it starts to do its annoying Windows things! – I only use it to see what some graphics apps look like from the dark side… and of course I launch it every few days to do a half hour of updates! – Honestly though, XP is one of the best OS I’ve used… can’t say about Vista – I’ve only used the server version… and this from a DIE HARD Apple user and owner since Quadra 900 days.

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