wondering what I did wrong…

Check out my sitemeter stats, which show an alarming decline in visits starting on Friday.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never post a picture of myself on the interwebs again.


6 thoughts on “wondering what I did wrong…

  1. Actually. since you posted the picture of yourself on Friday, most regular readers have likely not even seen it yet. You have to look at what you posted on Thursday that made them not visit again – streetlights, Luis, Macbook. Anything that could offend a great number of people? Perhaps the streetlights had a phallic look to them?

    Or maybe it’s because of this “holiday” weekend. Halloween and DST ending! We have been partying non-stop.

  2. Ah, yes. Especially when one has young children, no? Classroom parties, church parties, neighborhood parties and trick or treating … I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

    Mystery solved. 🙂

  3. I remember a graph shown by our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer – guess he wanted a C-level title). Someone asked what the units were. He stared for a while and said “Oh, those are marketing units.” So did you use Kellypuff units for that chart?

  4. Party excuse goes for us too. Though an awful lot happens at Church at this time of year too. 3 services on Sunday left me little time to eat, let alone surf. Well not unless you count all the cake and cups of tea that were going ’round.
    Luckily I don’t have a corset!!! Or maybe I do need a corset.

  5. I tend to read lots during the week and then not so much at weekends – I catch up on a Monday so here I am!

    I’m such a geek! I am in the process of summoning up the email to ask my manager for more training on one of our products – out of choice rather than necessity (I think – either that or I am losing the plot and need to be sedated lol)

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