election hangover

Feeling a little hungover from all the excitement last night.

And I wasn’t even drunk.

It was a long, exciting night, electing a new president. I couldn’t stay up more than a few minutes beyond the announcement of Obama’s win… long enough to watch the crowd go wild at Grant Park in Chicago… long enough to watch McCain’s gracious concession speech. Himself, on the other hand, was up for the duration.

The Boy was emphatically not interested in the election AT ALL, and had retired early to the Mancave to spend some quality time with Everybody Loves Raymond. He had earlier decided not to vote, because (1) he didn’t like EITHER of them and refused to make the “who sucks less” choice, and (2) because he really didn’t care.

His needs are simple and his wants are few. He is 27 years old. He has no investments. He doesn’t own a home. His job is unlikely to be outsourced overseas. Unless either of the candidates could commit to another Red Sox World Series win or the resurrection of the Bruins, he’s not interested in anything they have to say.

I voted.

I care.

Well, I care marginally more than the Boy.

I voted for Obama.

I voted against Kerry.

Then there were several other elections for various mysterious state and local elected positions: Receiver of Tiddlywinks, Master of Horse, etc…. I neither knew of them nor what they did. Although I’m pretty sure it’s very important.

It has to be, right?

Anyway, I hadn’t brought the Magic 8 Ball, having convinced myself that it was probably illegal to bring a Magic 8 Ball into a voting booth, and eenie-meenie-minie-mo seemed too capricious, even for me, so I followed the time-honored Kellypuffs voting axiom:

“Vote the bastards out.”

Anti-incumbent, if you will.

I spoke to the Colonel tonight. He’s still pretty upset.

I told him to smoke a joint.

Other election news:
Greyhound racing banned.
Littleton approves new police station.


7 thoughts on “election hangover

  1. Two things: This is the inaugural usage of my new email addy (it’s @rockangel which is my new blog url – ok so maybe i’m the only freakishly excited about it!

    I think I would have voted Obama if my vote counted that side of the pond

  2. We’ll see. Cuba wanted change; look what they got. Iran wanted change; look what they got. Venezuela wanted change; look what they got.
    Anyway, the people have spoken. The new president has many serious problems facing him, and I hope we all work together to keep our country safe and prosperous.

  3. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein

    On that basis alone you gotta vote Obama (from someone who is not a citizen and therefore CANNOT vote!).

  4. Great… Now I have to add Venezuela to the list of countries I have solidarity with. 🙂 Would like to add the USA one day. 🙂

  5. Hehheheh. Wonderful blog! Amazing to think you’ve now got half an African in the ….er…whitehouse. Actually one of my pet peeves (and I shall probably get exterminated for saying this) is that I do so wish Americans would just call themselves AMERICAN rather than using all those prefixes. But, hey, what do I know, I’m just an Australian-South African.

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