I want my MTV

Ah, yes, the 80s.

I had conveniently forgotten about the 80s.

But then I learned from Dinosaurs and Robots that MTV has a video archive, going all the way back to the Good Old Days.

Picture the Boy, a darling little tow-headed pre-schooler. He’s on the couch with his best friend Frankie, as dark as the Boy is blonde, waiting to go to pre-school.


Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

A-ha’s Take on Me.

Sledgehammer. Peter Gabriel.

They had their own version of head-banging – rocking their little bodies violently and in unison against the back of the couch, in time to the music.

This was one of their favorites.

These women still haunt my nightmares.


3 thoughts on “I want my MTV

  1. The video is blocked to us in europe but I know the one you mean. And there is a link, within your links. Peter Gabriel did a spoof /homage to that video on his performance at an award ceremony he had girls doing that thing as his backing group. I ended up helping to powder the girls so they could slide into the rubber outfits. Then they had to be sprayed all over with vaseline to make them shine.

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