epic FAIL

November 8, 2008

NaNoWriMo word count – 2934.

My math is bad, but even I know that it’s not looking good for 50,000 words by the end of November.

So I joined NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. I figured that was in the bag, given my blogging record. Hell, I usually subject my poor faithful readers to more drivel than that in a given day.

Well, I screwed that up already too.

No post yesterday.

I am a disgrace.

Hoping to gather my tattered remnants of self-respect around me, I will be posting pictures of one of the activities that has kept me away from the computer.

Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “epic FAIL

  1. I’m working on my NaNoWriMo but I am only on about 1500 words. It is only the 8th November so in fact you could catch up it does mean you have to write 2,700 ish words a day! hehe.

  2. I like writing, but my output is erratic in quality and volume. However, depending on font and size to give maybe an average of 15 words per line and number of lines on a page (about 40-43), that gives 600 – 645 words per page. 50K words per month requires approximately 80 pages @ 2-2/3 pages per day. This may be do-able, but not by me. How about other Kelly readers? I’d be interested to know what they can put out on a daily basis.

  3. I managed to get up to 5000 words a few days ago, but nothing since.
    Things that help:
    Just letting the plot get all nonsensical and silly-like, when I don’t feel like writing.
    Creating new characters. Killing off those I don’t like.
    Writing about icecream. When it has nothing to do with anything really.
    Things that don’t help:
    Not factoring in social things, birthdays, and housework.
    Priotizing family first. (Ok, that’s a big one, those little guys can’t make their own breakfasts yet or read themselves stories at night time)
    Finding my only writing time is after 10pm = can’t think so clearly.

    Maybe your characters can wander into a quilted forest with creatures that collect beads and….

  4. Killing off characters is a bit dramatic especially as I don’t think it would fit in the storyline that I have so far!

    I think I need the plot and where I’m going and then bulk out like describe the rooms in more detail or the envelope that arrived in the mail or something like that

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