today, I will be productive…

… in a more conventional sense of the word “productive”.

I was productive yesterday.

I sewed and I drew, while the house decayed around me, and the dog and the cats played with the house mice. No, the mice still haven’t learned.

Thank God for Bob. Dead, alive or somewhere in between, mice running wild in my house always elicit the same response from me … complete and utter hysteria. It was up to Bob to rescue me. Which she did, handily.

Thank you, Bob.

Today, I clean. I have put the pens away, and resolutely closed the sketchbook. I have unplugged the iron, and have stowed the rotary cutter. I will not be distracted. I will clean.

I will pick up the house. I will vacuum. I will dust. I will make the bed. I will do laundry.

And then, only THEN, will I play.

This time, I really mean it.


10 thoughts on “today, I will be productive…

  1. I got a text message the other day saying she had to rescue the “ladies” from a mouse…. the ladies being Ian and Kelly! – *SNORT!*

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