On the ride home from work, I was thinking about collections.

I’m a collector. The Girl is a collector. The Boy is NOT a collector. Himself is a collector of awesome proportions.

The Girl had a rock collection, since she was 3. You know how some boys are about dinosaurs, the ones who can spout off encyclopedias-worth of dinosaur-y facts, the ones who can match 38 species of dinosaur with their footprints?

The Girl was like that about rocks. She was seasoned rockhound in a pinafore. She grew out of it.

I didn’t.

Her obsession rubbed off on me. Or maybe it was the other way around. Maybe she was my excuse to finally buy these awesome bits of rubble. My fascination is not limited to minerals. I also have a heavy box of gorgeous smooth black rocks I collected from many strolls on various Puget Sound beaches during our 9-month assignment to Rational’s Redmond office.

I collect quilts. I make my own, and buy others. Not fancy art quilts or Amish quilts with meticulous craftsmanship, although I’m appreciative of those as well. I collect household quilts. Warm, cuddly quilts made from outgrown clothes, and used until they are quite worn. Humble, scrappy quilts, made with love, if not a whole lot of skill.

I also have a small but beloved collection of sea glass. My walks on Cape Cod beaches have NOT been very productive in that regard. The Girl had better luck on a class trip to Nice, France, where a few minutes’ walk on the beach brought a nice haul of seaglass, which the lovely child gifted to me when she returned. Where ARE the good sea glass beaches, anyway? Do you know?

Himself collects watches. And old radios. And old cameras. And ink pens, both the ordinary and the extra-special.

He says he’d LIKE to collect English cars.

I don’t know where we’d put them.

What do YOU collect?


9 thoughts on “collections

  1. I used to collect old Macintosh and Apple computers, but quelled that down to only one old MacSE when we moved to Oregon (still have a G3 and G4 in use so those don’t count as part of the collection, which is what I told my wife…).

    Now, it seems, I just collect memories of good times over outstanding drinks and dinners. I collect the experiences of having friends around me, of trying to live life to the fullest. It is an odd and eclectic collection, to say the least, but one which doesn’t take up much space in the attic.

  2. I love Jason’s collection. I have one of my own. It reminds me of the poster I saw in the Church porch last night after bellringing practice that said. “Give the most precous gift of all this Christmas…Love”.

  3. I’m not collecting anything really, but there’s an exhibition at the Museum of Science about collecting, and one of the collection items is “bald or nearly bald action figures” that struck me as very odd…

  4. My collection started as VW Beetle and campervan toy cars (usually “borrowed” from my brother – I had red, green and yellow ones)

    Now it’s got silly I have egg cups, money boxes and ornaments, along with other toy cars including the VW Campervan from Cars The Movie.

  5. I noticed that I collected various things as I grew up.

    In grade school I collected baseball cards and model cars (and hoping to collect real race cars).

    In high school and college it was cameras (and a want for real fast, fun cars). Then I moved onto gadgets (and a desire for fine European exotic cars).

    Now that I’m over fifty, it seems I collect mostly my fallen gray hairs (and the wrinkled magazine pictures of those cars I lusted over for the past thirty years).

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