Hello. I’d like to get my doors dipped, please?

We’ve been on a little, mini housework/home improvement tear this weekend.

You may have noticed that most of the house pictures I post are of the downstairs, which usually can claim some small measure of order and the vague hope that someone, somewhere, will someday look its eclectic gentile shabbiness with fondness. The woodwork looks nice. It looks like a house from the 1830s SHOULD look, I think.

Upstairs, in contrast, looks like a very shabby and VERY dangerous boardinghouse of the ’30’s-’50s. Everything’s painted – walls, woodwork, and in one bedroom, the floor. And then, oh God, there’s the wallpaper. Several dirty, dingy examples, half-stripped off the walls, revealing original plaster. Dark pink in the master bedroom. Mustard yellow in Bob’s room. Horrific pop-art flowers in autumnal colors down the back staircase, already graced with its oh-so-classy bare bulb and string arrangement.

So I want to fix all this. Eventually. Today, I am fixated on Door Dipping.

Himself tells me that I can get my “doors dipped” ,


instead of spending hours of labor trying to strip them by hand. He even believes that this can be done at a reasonable price. I, therefore, can now think of nothing but door dippage.

I’m trying to figure out how one does, in polite society today, go about getting one’s doors dipped, assuming that’s even LEGAL.

And can you trust just anybody?!?

Do you need a referral?

“Hello. I hear you … dip doors.”

“Pardon me, I need to get my doors dipped?

I doubt they will be as easy to find as I imagine … flipping through the imaginary phone book in my head and immediately I see:

Dan and Dave’s Door Dipping
Door Dipping and De-lousing
24 hour emergency service
Conveniently located in Dracut.
Your Door Dipping Dynamic Duo.

I’d like to start small. Just one door to start with. Let’s see what’s under all those hundreds of years of paint. Then, who knows? We could be door dipping til the cows come home.

In the meantime, I’ve celebrated the reclaiming of the bedroom by creating a cozy reading nook featuring one of the porch chairs (overwintering inside) and the footstool I made years ago.

I hate flash photography, so it’s dark, but that way the icky wall paper and bare plaster isn’t front and center. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello. I’d like to get my doors dipped, please?

  1. When I saw your post I had to laugh. We once had some doors dipped. They were covered in multi-coloured layers of thick glossy paint, probably lead based. You would have loved the place we went to, called “dip and strip” – or was it “strip ‘n’ dip”? We headed down into an old alleyway not far from the city, and peered into the dark entrance of the small, cluttered two room shop with a tin roof . An old codger greeted us – like something out of a Croc Dundee movie. I think he must have owned (or lived in) this shop for decades, and he had picture of 50’s pin up models above his desk. And, err… some tacky 80’s not-so-modest pin ups. He stripped (the paint) and dipped (the doors) in acid. Not too bad, although they were a little burnt from the acid. It definitely beats stripping doors by hand!

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