Today’s lesson – Belgium

I think I was absent the day they talked about Belgium in geography class. So, here you go, courtesy of Jaywalker over at Belgian Waffle.

I particularly appreciate the visual aids.

Belgium Explained – with Toys!

Now can someone please explain Upper Volta for me?


10 thoughts on “Today’s lesson – Belgium

  1. Upper Volta, in French West Africa, became independent, and was renamed Burkina Faso in 1984 (that’s probably far more than you really wanted to know!)

  2. I always thought the Upper Volta was somewhere near Russia. Shame on me.

    Kellypuffs. The lesson on Belgiums was indeed excellent. The only thing I ever learned about Belgium in school in the UK was that they were always in a bad way in World Wars and the British only ever joined the war once the Belgians had been smooshed by whichever fascistic regime had decided to overrun them that particular week.

    Oh! And I even went there once all all I learned about that was that they do excellent waffles and there is a lot of dog pooh around.

    Shame on me!

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