bah, humbug

Feeling uncharacteristically cranky about Christmas. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to indulge in a little temper tantrum here about Christmas.

Because I can.

I’m starting to hate Christmas, even though it’s always had such lovely things to say about me.

It all starts with Black Friday. Actually, it starts BEFORE Black Friday with all the commercials and advertisements exhorting me to buy more things that nobody needs OR wants. Driving back from the Cape at 8pm on Thanksgiving night, we had to stop in Wrentham for a bio-break. Wrentham’s big claim to fame in this parts is the fact that it is home to that most sacred of shopping meccas, an outlet mall. As we pulled in to a convenient gas station, we noticed that there were lights, and security, and traffic, and all sorts of hoo-ha. Signs announcing the parking lot for the mall would be open at 11pm for their Midnight Madness sale.


We get home, and later that night, mistakenly turn on the 11pm news… FULL of coverage of the start of Black Friday. Oh my God. Don’t people have anything better to do?

Later on Friday, I learn that a Walmart employee somewhere has been trampled and killed by over-enthusiastic shoppers breaking down the doors. Why? WHY? So they could be first in line for a Tickle Me Elmo?!?

Now, for the next 4 weeks, even going to the grocery store is going to be an endurance contest.

And you can forget about trying to go anywhere else. Everywhere will be packed to the gills with frantic shoppers trying to prove their love by buying the latest and greatest must-have as determined by savvy marketeers.

Even Christmas trees are making me cranky. Mainly because I can’t decide whether it is more politically correct to kill a tree or buy a fake one. Whichever one I do, someone is sure to make me feel bad about it.

The Christmas decorations are way the hell out in the barn … SOMEWHERE. I made a desultory attempt to find them yesterday but grew weary of the effort about 5 minutes in.

It’s all just too, too much to bear, and I’m considering sleeping through the next month. Wake me when it’s 2009.

I do like Christmas cookies though….


8 thoughts on “bah, humbug

  1. Chrismas Trees? Hmmm … Personally I don’t consider artificial trees at all green, and killing a tree seems immoral (tho’ probably greener if it is recycled afterwards). We have a couple of artificial trees which are both so old that using them must be green by now; but I’m not at all sure I’d buy a new one. The last couple of real trees we’ve had (some years ago now) have been small ones (18″ or so) as table decorations; alive and with roots and growing in a pot. After Christmas they have been planted outside where both are now 20 feet high and growing into handsome trees. So why not get thee to your local garden centre/nursery/tree purveyor and buy a growing real tree; plant it in a pot; keep it cool and watered; and plant it in your meadow after Christmas and enjoy it for years to come? But remember whichever route you go is good: it all helps the local economy! πŸ™‚

  2. I have become more of a “lurker” but I still read your blog everyday! It is one of those things where once you don’t comment, it seems harder and harder to do! So I’m back! I vote for the real tree. Nothing beats the smell, and people do make a living out of growing and selling them.

  3. KP – its only bah humbug if you choose not to celebrate. And I know you want to celebrate.

    Just ignore the media, the commercialization, and the hype.

    Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost perspective on what the holiday season is really about [IMHO].

    Instead of “Real Tree” v. “Artificial Tree”, decorate an existing tree in your yard or a plant in your home, and then send the boy scouts a donation with a nice note for the tree you didn’t buy.

    Instead of contributing to light pollution, put up a simple display of lights to confirm celebration or observance, but demonstrating your choice in the simple, not the excessive.

    Instead of dreading the crowds, embrace them with someone who otherwise couldn’t. Or stay away from the stores completely. There are many places where a volunteer this time of year would be greatly appreciated.

    But even if you really feel obligated to outspend, outstress, and outdecorate, that’s fine too, ‘cuz the media needs to report on something and your outspending will contribute to fixing the economy!

  4. I would love a real tree but we don’t really have the money so we’ll go with the fake one that lasts several years. My parents bought a fake tree the Christmas that my Mum was pregnant with me (thats Christmas 1985!) and it’s still going

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