Eleventy Million Things I LOVE about Christmas

Ok, now you’ve all made me feel like a whiny little brat, bitching and moaning about how HARD it all is, living here in the lap of luxury, bemoaning the fact that I need to pry open the wallet and actually THINK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE for one miserable month out of my life.

Now I feel incredibly guilty and must make reparations. To you, I must share all my happy holiday joys. Because, in all honesty, most of the time, I’m like a little kid at Christmas, beguiled by the pretty lights and sparkly things.

So, in no particular order, a few of my favorite Christmas-y things.

1. TubaChristmas. It’s tubas (and other sundry low brass instruments). It’s christmas carols. It’s Santa hats. What’s not to love?

Boston’s TubaChristmas event is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving, down at Faneuil Hall. Let’s see, Saturday after Christmas, mad shoppers, tourist mecca. I don’t think so. Fortunately, Ayer has its own TubaChristmas event on December 14. Ayer is, firstly, just down the road, and nextly, home to O’Hanlon’s Irish pub, which will be a FINE place to warm up after the festivities. Hmm. Maybe a tweet-up is in order?

b. Messiah Sing-Ins. Hmmm. Another musical favorite. I try to go every year. I have my well-thumbed score, probably nicked (TOTALLY unintentionally) from the last church choir I sang with. The Colonel’s score is even OLDER. Here we are two years ago.

III. Christmas baking. I love love LOVE Christmas baking. I will bake until the cows come home. There is enough flour, sugar and butter in this house to provision a small army. Cookies. I am in the midst of a month-long cookie-baking frenzy … dozens upon dozens of cookies. I believe the tradition is to give them away, but they never last that long. I make cookies, I eat cookies. I love December.

4. The Coolest Christmas tree on the PlanetTM(thanks, James, for reminding me).

e. Santa driving through town on the firetruck. Color me provincial.

39. Advent calendars. I love the ritual of an advent calendar. Opening one flap a day, counting down to Christmas….

H. Santa hats. Corny, yes. Happy, yes. I also like striped stocking caps. Or stocking caps in general.


ccc. Singing Christmas carols. In harmony.

XiX. Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte.

8. Tree decorating tip: Trader Joe’s gingerbread man cookies, holes pre-drilled for your convenience. Hang on tree with string, or ribbon if you are feeling more glitzy.

mcdvii. Bubble Lights.

g. Christmas Strolls.

Eleventy million. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


5 thoughts on “Eleventy Million Things I LOVE about Christmas

  1. Glad the “inconsistent bulleting” gag is alive and well and curled up in a snuggly blanket in Littleton. 🙂 Even if, as has been pointed out to me on Twitter, I WASN’T the first to invent it. 🙂

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