I shall call him George

Catching up on my blog reading this morning, I read that Lulu over at Earwig Sandwich has a couple of new barn (or pigeonnier) cats that she needs to find names for. She’s considering Brian and Janet. I would like to suggest a small change … to Brad and Janet.

We’ve had mixed results naming our pets.

First of all, for a group of relatively creative people, we usually fall spectacularly on our faces when naming our pets, either choosing something incredibly banal and commonplace that we are embarassed to admit to or something so obscure or convoluted that we find ourselves recording FALSE pet names at the veterinarian for their Records, just to avoid ridicule or stoopid questions.

Case in point: the late, great Snuggle Muffin Bunny Princess.

She was the Boy’s cat. He picked her out when he was 3. Needless to say, he did NOT contribute to the naming… but neither was it original. We knew someone who once had a cat named Snuggle Muffin Bunny Princess, which we thought was an AWESOME name for a cat, and there you go.

Snuggle Muffin Bunny Princess is quite a mouthful to articulate on a daily basis, and I am incredibly lazy, so she ended up with a pet pet name (*snort*) of Schnugs.

Then there was Hordak, a huge orange tabby cat with Maine coon cat pretensions, who was named for a character in the cartoon “He-Man, Masters of the Universe“. You can see that the Boy had a hand in that one. Hordak was named Flashlight for a short regrettable period of time, before we landed on Hordak.

The Girl got her own cat too, when she was three. She named it Kitty-kitty. Original, huh?

The Kitten, who is no longer a kitten, is really named Squishy, from Finding Nemo, but I don’t think we’ve called her that more than 5 times in her life. She’s The Kitten.

The Wonder Dog’s real name is Bodie, after a high-school classmate. Mine, not his. I just always wanted a dog named Bodie, OK? However, we usually call him Dog (not THE Dog, just Dog), Dogbreath or ShitForBrains.

So, on second thought, perhaps I shouldn’t be providing pet name advice to others.

Forget I said anything.


7 thoughts on “I shall call him George

  1. A friend had a pet duck named Roger. They took it to the vet for the first time and while filling out the patient form discovered that the vet’s first name was also Roger. So one quick name (and apparently gender) change later and the duck’s name became Daisy, at least as far as the vet was concerned. At home, they continued to call it Roger and sometimes Roger Daisy Duck. This led to some confusion when a specialty duck vet and Dr. Roger tried to communicate about the animal and couldn’t quite agree on which exact animal they were talking about. Who’s on first again?

    The next duck was named Althea, a much less common name in the human world.

  2. I read this blog almost every day and it’s so rewarding. Where else are you going to read about a pet duck called Roger?

  3. Please let me have this moment. I’ve never had a pet :(.

    We used to look after my Uncle’s gerbils when he was on holiday – they were called Fred and Barney after a certain cartoon duo!

    The closest I got to a pet was this or when I got a Tamagotchi! lol

    I like the idea of Brad and Janet! lol

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