decking the halls, old skool style

Going with a minimalist, non-commercial Christmas this year.

I’m not even going to buy a tree.

I moved the fake rustic pine tree that has been gracing my breakfast room year-round and moved it out into the living room where it will serve as the official Kellypuffs 2009 Christmas Tree.

It’s decorated with sentimental, handmade ornaments collected over a lifetime.

We’ve decided NOT to replace the battery-operated, timed LED candles in the windows for the official electric Christmas ones.

I’d like to say it’s because we’re green and clean and all, thinking of the environment, but it’s mostly because we’re too lazy to figure out how to power them, which in an old house like this, will require miles of extension cord to get to the ONE power outlet which is on the other side of the room, and feats of engineering heretofore unwitnessed in these hallowed halls.

The Halloween spider lights have FINALLY been taken down, only to be replaced by a strand of brightly colored LED Christmas lights.

More pictures to come.


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