and the cold sets in

icy, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.


4 thoughts on “and the cold sets in

  1. That’s pretty.

    I was going to take a photo of the interesting patterns in the ice on my car this morning but then realised how hard it was to scrap it off and it took me like 10 minutes to clear my little car 😦 so no photo 😦

  2. oh MY, is it COLD! My thermometer on the porch was registering SEVEN degrees (-14C) the other morning. The Boy says it was a couple of degrees warmer in the Mancave. Maybe. I feel a blog post coming on….

  3. Crikey that’s COLD. Maybe the stream will freeze completely and you can build a sled and Bodie can pull you along to work? You could charge people to have dog sled rides up & down your back yard.

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