support public radio

Just made my pledge to support my local public radio station, WBUR.

Let me count the reasons:

  1. Morning Edition
  2. All Things Considered
  3. Car Talk
  4. This American Life
  5. Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me
  6. All Songs Considered

It’s news that doesn’t involve people arguing with each other.

It’s educational.

It’s entertainment.

Have you pledged yet?


4 thoughts on “support public radio

  1. I’m not going to till I’m fourty, the appropriate age to start listening to the news on the radio. For now I’ll continue to treat NPR like my mistress and covertly listen in the car, turning it off when I give people rides. NOT because I am guilty, but because I know that the vast majority of people my age would rather jump out of the moving car then listen to the dire economic circumstances of California.

    In other words, thanks, but no thanks, it’s bad for my rep.

  2. I just wish the news would talk about something NICE for once. It’s always the middle east, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe or the world economic mess.

    On the other hand, here is Car talk and Wait, wait… Well worth the time spent listening.

  3. I hear ya.

    I’ve stopped watching the news on TV…. too depressing.

    I only get the Sunday paper occasionally, mostly to cover the registers with.

    If it weren’t for the internets and NPR, I’d be woefully uninformed.

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