we have power!!!

Please excuse us for a moment while we dance around the living room.

Ok, I’m back.

I’m not getting TOO excited… one Twitterbud in NH reports his power has been going on and off all day. And not everyone has their power back …we’ve got more refugees arriving within the hour.

To celebrate, I shall bake cookies!

Just because I can.

p.s. the “bad” news is that my blackberry is fried. Oh dear, does that mean I need a replacement cell phone? An iPhone, p’raps?



3 thoughts on “we have power!!!

  1. Do you know how much of the country was knocked out? One of my colleagues keeps asking about Rochester, NY (our HQ is there!).

    Hope you are all okay – how did you fry your BB?

  2. *I* fried her BlackBerry by attempting to load software enabling me to back it up! – It hiccoughed in the middle and it became a brick! – I ended up putting it back together from scratch today and now it is updated and backed up, like the original plan. No small feat when I still bumble around Apple’s usually elegant software let alone RIM’s disjointed mess!

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