cheap thrills

starting a new sketchbook, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Starting a new sketchbook.

Sadly, not a moleskine.

Inside cover.

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3 thoughts on “cheap thrills

  1. Thanks, Steve. You are too kind.

    I always considered my parents and my son to be the “artists” in the family. They are naturals, and my heroes.

    I always WANTED to do art but never had the self-confidence, particularly faced with such daunting role models.

    I got inspiration to go ahead and just TRY from Danny Gregory and his book Creative License.

    The subtitle says it all: “Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are”.

    Learning by playing … my FAVORITE educational model. 🙂

  2. Learning by playing, hmm, have you been talking to our cats? I just ran out to Walgreens to buy ANOTHER $3.99 laser toy pointer. They are unbelievably attentive to this simple game. It really is something that creates bonds — dogs, cats and people all get along because of this playing deal. We love it! You do art with this blog. I am trying to get over that fear thing but often find myself taking a spiritual road less traveled (punk rock, angst, iconoclasm), so my blogging style is still trying to catch up to my otherwise friendliness. But, as a good free-spirited show of experimentation and earnestness, that sketchbook is an example of the artistry and grace I like about kellypuffs. Keep warm today, peace.

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