Messiah Sing-In

Messiah Sing-In, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

ENOUGH about the crappy weather, eh?

It’s my favorite time of year …time to pull out your Messiah score and head off to one of the several Messiah Sing-Ins in the area.

Every Christmas season, I make the pilgrimage to Lexington’s Cary Hall, where the Masterworks Chorale hosts a Messiah Sing-In, featuring a small chamber orchestra and featured soloists. But the BEST part is joining several hundred other Messiah aficianados in singing several of Handel’s great choruses.

You can sit with your voice part (basses lower right, tenors lower left, sopranos in the right balcony, altos in the left balcony. OR you can sit in the back and just let the music roll over you.

The “Hallelujah Chorus” is spine-tingling… “For Unto Us A Child is Born” is IMPOSSIBLE… but my absolute favorite is the haunting “Behold the Lamb of God” – gorgeous harmonies.

The Masterworks Chorale Sing-Ins this year are this Friday and Saturday evening at 8pm. Bring your own score, or borrow one at the door.

New this year, the Nashoba Valley Chorale is hosting a Messiah Sing-In just down the street in Littleton, at the Congregational Church. Dec 21, 3pm.

I’ll be there.

With cowbells.


2 thoughts on “Messiah Sing-In

  1. If I wasn’t the other side of the pond I’d so be there! They have a sing-along at the Royal Albert Hall but you have to pay like £20 ($30) for the privilege to go join in and thats excluding the train ticket to get there.

  2. We had our own mini sing along at a friends house the other night with the East Harling choir. I’ve no idea how the roof stayed on. Boy I can’t get those runs though in the halelujah chorus no way.

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